Photographic self-service solution for your store

Tactile software that your customers will use to make themselves their orders at your store. You just have to print them.

Increase your productivity


Get sales increased without enlarging your staff with Imaxel Self-service photo Kiosks.

Enlarge your market share


Customers will download the photos from their mobiles; includes a catalog of the most popular products on the market as prints, collages, posters …

Minimum investment


Software compatible with all major Kiosk hardware. Features direct and remote printing and is compatible with nearly all printers in the market.


Customized Photokiosk

Imaxel has developed kiosks for KIS, Xerox,Fuji, Noritsu and more companies. Contact us if you want your fully costumized Photokiosk.           (for projects > 25 units)

Try it now

Click on the video below, which shows the process that your customers will follow to create orders using the Photokiosk. Orders placed will be sent ready to be printed.

 How it works?

Start by selecting the product of your choice: in this case it will be photo prints. Any USB device, Smartphone or even a CD/DVD will be automatically detected and images loaded into in a matter of seconds.

After pictures have been loaded at an average rate of 50 images/sec, you can edit them and selected the number of prints wished for every one of your photos. Then, simply go to the counter to validate the ticket provided by the Kiosk, and get your prints.

Contact us

Contact us to get more info, organize a videoconference or request a demo. We’ll be glad to help you


Use the links below to get all technical details and FAQs related to the product. For further question, please always contact Imaxel at

Professional solution

Professional solution

For professional printers: photo stores, labs and commercial printers.


Touch interface

An efficient, easy and intuitive system. Ideal for making own orders directly from store.


Local Backoffice

Configurable for all kinds of printer on the market.

For smartphone

Optimized for smartphones

Your customers can download pictures from their smartphone, including social networks, directly from the Photokiosk.


Print it yourself

Receive orders from your customers in files ready to be printed at your own business.


For PCs

Independent software that works on Windows computers.

Types of Kiosks

                     Standard Photokiosk  Advanced Photokiosk                 Advanced Photokiosk

Standard Photokiosk

Advanced Photokiosk

Hub & Spoke Photokiosk

Photographic Photokiosk software for direct printing on minilabs or sublimation.
Quick and useful. High speed downloading photos from your smartphone. 
Print via production workflow. For large stores or citylab. This software is also customizable. 
Distributed order entry stations connected to a remote central print house. For big central labs.  

More details about Photokiosk

Which businesses can benefit from Photokiosk?

Any retail shop wanting to offer instant printing services of digital photos.

What is included in Photokiosk?

End user frontend to create orders

Shop backoffice to handle products, pricing and files output to printers

What’s not included?

The Kiosk hardware itself

The operating system (It must be Windows Vista or higher)

Price plan and business model?

The Photokiosk comes with predefined formats from 7 × 10 cm to 70 x 100 cm, but you can create your own wished format.

How long does it take to get it ready for me?

Imaxel can deliver the License to the shop after 24 hours of confirmation.

Which product and services can I comercialize?

Any print size your printer can produce.

How does Photokiosk work?

Printers and minilabs

Imaxel Photokiosk can print in any printer or minilab which can print any images from Windows PCs.Specific plugins for photo minilabs are provided along with Photokiosk (Noritsu, Fujifilm, Agfa, KIS)

Pictures downloaded through smartphones

Any Android or iOS Smartphone can be pluged-in to the Imaxel Photokiosk via cable, to download images in the phone at very fast speed (avergae 40 images/sec)

Facebook compatibility

Pictures from end user Facebook account can be used in the Photokiosk at one click to be printed.

How can I manage my printing orders?

A single Imaxel Photokiosk can be linked to many different printers. Every product (printing size) can be directed to a different printer. Output file format is always jpeg.


All that inspires us and all we do is for our clients. We work with the spirit of becoming technology partners of our customers and we are committed to achieve their business goals.

“The Photokiosk of Imaxel is fast and easy to use. It is intuitive and gives autonomy to my clients. They enjoy making their products themselves.”

—Antonio Sachs, CEO of Sachs Printing Group

“Waiting times of my clients have been significantly reduced. Now we can open our customer’s media at a rate of 50 photos per second. ”

—Ahmed Bakkali, Founder of ArabicFlash

“That our clients can connect their mobile with Photokiosk, and download pictures of their social networks, has increased our orders volume by 20%”

—Johnathan F. Wright, Manager of Red&Blue Pics Shop

How can we         help you?

Our goal is to help photo and printing specialists to maximize their business with innovative software solutions to get their customers closer.

Imaxel professional team is always ready to help you. Since 2002 we’ve developed photo software solutions for more than 350 clients in  35 Countries around the world.

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